MasterCard Basis

MasterCard Basis is an international credit card that removes the need to carry cash and foreign currency while at the same time giving you extra credit. You can use the card at more than 24 million outlets worldwide. In Denmark, you can use the card at more than 27,000 outlets. You can also use the card to withdraw cash at banks and ATMs. And you can get a family card for your spouse/cohabitant or children above the age of 18 living at home.

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A good supplement
The card is a good supplement to your Visa/Dankort. You can almost always find an outlet that accepts at least one of these cards. And should you be so unfortunate as to lose a card, you will still have the other one at hand.

MasterCard Basis allows you to:
  • withdraw up to DKK 25,000 within a 30-day period  
  • spend the money as you please within the limit agreed for your MasterCard Basis 
  • choose a payment method that suits you.

You also enjoy: 
  • up to six weeks' interest-free credit 
  • an overview of your card transactions via Danske eBanking and the invoice that we send you every month. 

Flexible payment
Instead of paying the full amount at once each month, you may choose to pay:
  • 10 or 15 per cent of the invoiced amount – but always at least DKK 250. 
  • a fixed amount – but always at least 5 per cent of the credit limit.

If you choose flexible payment, you may also choose to have two months’ payment holiday a year. Note, however, that interest-free credit only applies if you pay the invoiced credit amount in full as a lump sum.

Where can you use your MasterCard Basis?
You can use your card at travel agencies, airline companies, restaurants, hotels, shops, taxis and off-street parking facilities all over the world.

The outlet is obliged to respect your choice, and you always choose whether you want to pay in: 
  • Danish kroner 
  • the local currency.

Safe payments
When you shop on the internet using your MasterCard Basis, you may be asked to set up a personal code using the security solution MasterCard SecureCode. This code is a security code that provides a higher degree of assurance that you are the cardholder using the card online.

Download card conditions for MasterCard BasisDownload card conditions for MasterCard Basis - valid from 30.10.2013

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