Debit and credit cards are an important element of our full-service banking concept. Your debit card is linked to your personal banking account, while your credit card allows you to have extra money available at all times. You can also use our new generation of credit cards as a debit card. Our cards are all easy and secure to use, also for contactless payments, and can be managed with eBanking.

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Cards covers the following

MasterCard Basis

MasterCard Basis is an international credit card that removes the need to carry cash and foreign currency while at the same time giving you extra credit.

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Visa/Dankort is an international debit card. You can use the Visa/Dankort in cash machines all over the world and make contactless payments in many shops​.

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MasterCard Direct

MasterCard Direct is a global payment and cash card for young people aged at least 15. You can only use the amount available in your account. To order a MasterCard Direct, please contact your local branch office. 

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MasterCard Gold

​MasterCard Gold gives you the freedom of flexible spending power. It includes additional travel-related services, such as comprehensive travel insurance benefits.

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MasterCard Platinum

​MasterCard Platinum affords you exclusive advantages, including comprehensive travel insurance benefits for you and your family.                            

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​It is safe to use your cards in physical and online stores, and by getting one pin for all your cards, you will increase the security. If you lose your card, you need to call the card-stop service.

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