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You are always welcome to write to us with your positive or negative feedback, ideas, or if you have questions. All information is sent encrypted and can only be seen by yourself and us . Please complete the online form below explaining your question or problem.
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Please write via eBanking if you have questions in regards to your personal banking.
You can also find help under Customer Service, where you will find frequently asked questions.

How to complain:

Please contact the department where you have had the experience. The responsible manager will listen to your criticism and try to rectify things.

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If you have spoken with the department, but still not satisfied, please contact customer consultants . You can also contact the consultants directly, if you do not want to talk to the department.

You typically hear from us within 24 hours on weekdays. If we are very busy, there may exceptionally take up to three days. If the case is simple, it can also be solved in a day. More complex cases are usually resolved within a week, but it may take longer. Complaints about Danica Pension, you can send directly to Danica Pension. All information sent is encrypted and can only be seen by you and us.

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  1. Are you a customer of ours, we can serve you faster if you do CPR or CVR number.

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  1. All information sent is encrypted and therefore not visible to anyone but you and the recipient.
We are mostly a satisfactory resolution of customer complaints. Are you a private customer and we should not expect to reach a satisfactory resolution of your complaint, you have the opportunity to appeal to the Banks Board via their website.

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