Use the same PIN for all your cards

You can now use the same PIN for all your Danske Bank cards, so you do not have to remember several codes. Naturally, this service is free of charge.

What are the benefits of one PIN?
First of all, it is easier for you to remember just one PIN for all your cards. Security is increased, as most people generally do not write down their PIN when they have just one to remember.

How do I get one PIN for all cards?
If you are a new customer, you will automatically have the same PIN for all your cards if you open one of our salary accounts.

If you are already a customer and have several cards with different PINs, you can order the same PIN for all your cards using eBanking. Here, you can choose which of your PINs you want to use.

If you do not have eBanking, you can order eBanking on our website. Naturally, you are welcome to call us or stop by your branch.​​

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