Card Dispute

You can raise a card dispute if you have found card transactions in your account that you do not recognise or cannot approve.

Have you made a purchase, then start by contacting the merchant or homepage in question
Before raising a card dispute, you must first try yourself to solve the problem with the merchant or website where you made a purchase. If you cannot find a solution together with the merchant or website within 2-4 weeks, you must raise a card dispute immediately.

The sooner you contact us, the greater are the chances that we can help you getting your money back.

How to create a card dispute
If you create your card dispute through your Danske eBanking you do not have to download a paper form. Here you can see a guide on how to make a card dispute in Danske eBanking.

If you do not have Danske eBanking you can download a dispute form on our homepage.


How to block your card​​
You can block your card in your Danske eBanking or by calling us on +45 70 20 70 20.

Questions regarding card disputes
If you have any questions regarding card disputes, you are welcome to call us on +45 45 12 92 00. We are open Monday-Friday 10-16 - Thursday open until 17.30.​