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Do you have the right card for your needs? We have a wide selection of debit and credit cards. Read more about our cards below and contact your local branch to get more information and to order a new card.

New card covers the following

Danske MasterCard Basis

With a MasterCard Basis card you will get a card that you can use in more than 24 million places around the world.

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Danske MasterCard Guld

​The MasterCard Guld is an international credit card with great flexibility. It comes with travel insurance cover for Europe.

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Danske MasterCard Platin

​With a MasterCard Platin you have an international credit card with worldwide travel insurance cover and other benefits.

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MasterCard Direct Studie

​MasterCard Direct Studie is an international payment card with travel insurance in Europe. The card includes membership in ISIC.

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MasterCard Direct
MasterCard Direct is an international credit card for persons aged 15 or older. Use it in Denmark, abroad and on the web.
Visa/Dankort is an international debit card. It can be used all over the world.
Blocking agreement
​Order a blocking agreement (Kortstop) for all your cards,
not only those issued by Danske Bank.

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