Visa/Dankort is an international debit card that you can use in Denmark as well as in the rest of the world. It therefore gives you two cards in one. When you use the card for payments, the money will be withdrawn from your account in a few days.

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Two cards in one
With Visa/Dankort you will have two cards in one. In Denmark, you use the card as an ordinary Dankort. You can pay with your Visa/Dankort in practically all shops and withdraw money from all banks and ATMs.

When abroad, you have an international debit card for use in shops, restaurants etc. Just look for the display of the Visa logo at the outlet before making a transaction. If you need local currency, you can make withdrawals of cash at 340,000 banks and from 400,000 ATMs worldwide.

Visa/Dankort – limits
You can use your Visa/Dankort at more than 24 million outlets all over the world – and you have access to almost 1 million ATMs worldwide. Total payment and cash withdrawal limits are as follows:

  • DKK 2,000 a day in cash 
  • DKK 25,000 in total within a 30-day period.

When abroad, the outlet is obliged to respect your choice, and you always choose whether you want to pay in:  

  • Danish kroner 
  • the local currency.

Financial overview

A Visa/Dankort gives you an overview of your transactions, as the amounts you pay are immediately withdrawn from your account. Therefore, you always know how much you have spent and how much you can spend. You can withdraw cash and transfer money from our ATMs.

Your Visa/Dankort also allows you to pay with eDankort, when you shop in several Danish online shops.

Safe payments
When you shop on the Internet using your Visa/Dankort, you may be asked to set up a personal code using the security solution Verified by Visa. This code is a security code that provides a higher degree of assurance that the owner of the card is the person using it online.

Download card conditions for Visa/Dankort

Download card conditions for Visa/Dankort - valid from 30.10.2013

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