Danske Netopsparing

Danske Netopsparing is a savings account with a good variable interest rate, and your money is always accessible. You can open a Danske Netopsparing account if you are a personal customer over the age of 18. You must deposit at least DKK 40,000 in order to earn interest on the entire balance, and the maximum balance is DKK 250,000.

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Danske Netopsparing is a savings account that gives you a good variable rate of interest. The account is appropriate if you want to set aside some money when you have the opportunity to do so.

To open a Danske Netopsparing account, you must be a personal customer aged 18 or above and have an account and an active eBanking agreement with us. You can get Danske Netopsparing if you have registered for Danish Bank's customer programme, Danske 18-27 or Danske Studie.

Facts about Danske Netopsparing

  • The account has a variable rate of interest.
  • Interest accrues on the entire balance, including interest added, when the balance exceeds DKK 40,000.
  • The maximum amount of deposits is DKK 250,000. If the balance exceeds DKK 250,000 after interest is added, interest still accrues on the entire balance.
  • You can open the account as a joint account with another person.
  • You deposit funds in Danske Netopsparing from the eBanking system.

How do you withdraw money from Danske Netopsparing?
You cannot withdraw money directly from Danske Netopsparing because there is no card linked to the account. You must transfer money to another account in order to withdraw it.

  • Log on to Danske eBanking.
  • Transfer the desired amount to another account.
  • Withdraw the money in the other account from an ATM or a branch office.

If you withdraw or transfer money from Danske Netopsparing
In months when you withdraw or transfer money from Danske Netopsparing, the account does not accrue interest. You can make an agreement to have the interest added to the account transferred to another account automatically. We do not consider this to be a transfer, so you do not lose the interest in the month when the transfer takes place.

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