Investing Pension savings

A pension scheme is also an investment – an investment that may generate a highly variable return. You can decide what you want to invest in and how, or you can ask us to manage your investment for you. Or you may opt for a combination. We recommend that you get an investment profile with suggested investment forms that match your pension scheme.

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You may invest your pension savings in four different ways:

Pooled investment
Pooled investment allows you to invest pension or children's savings in pools of Danish and foreign shares and bonds. This reduces your risk, as the size of the pooled investment makes it possible for us to spread the investment into many different types of securities. We can compose your pooled investment to ensure that the proportion of shares matches your investment profile, or you can compose your own portfolio. 

Danica Balance
The composition of Danica Balance ensures that there is a constant balance between shares and bonds, depending on when you wish to retire. The further away your retirement date, the more shares will there be in the investment. You can choose between different profiles that determine the number of shares in the investment. For Danica Balance, you may attach a guarantee that gives you a minimum benefit when you retire.   

Own custody account
If you want to manage your investments yourself, then an own custody account is a good solution. With your own custody account, you may invest in all shares, bonds and investment certificates listed for trading on a regulated market. When you make your own transactions, you should notice that a special rule applies to the purchase of individual shares and corporate bonds.

Danica Link, Selv Valg
Danica Link, Selv Valg (you choose the investment profile) is an active pension scheme offering a range of possibilities. You decide how to invest your pension and you receive a return that reflects the investments you have chosen. Deciding how to invest means that you invest your pension savings via investment trusts. If you do not wish to run any significant risks with your pension savings, you can attach a guarantee to Danica Link, Selv Valg. This ensures that you will get a minimum pension amount, irrespective of the outcome of your investments.

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