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The financial markets have become increasingly complex in recent years, and few of us have the knowledge or the time to follow the trends and select securities with confidence.

Minimise risk and save on expenses
Unit trust investing is a good alternative to direct investment in individual shares and bonds. You pool your savings with other private individuals and let a professional portfolio manager invest the funds in a wide range of issues. You thus diversify your risk and take advantage of competitive management fees.

Largest unit trust group in Denmark
With over DKr120bn under management, or 25% of the Danish market, Danske Invest has the resources and experience to provide a full range of investment oppportunities. There are some 40 funds for private investors, each with specific investment objectives:

  • Danish equity and bond funds
  • Foreign equity and bond funds
  • Funds specialised by sector and geographical region
  • Accumulation funds and income funds
  • Funds for pension accounts and funds for liquid holdings

How to get started
All you need is a custody account and another account for settlements. Ask your adviser to recommend a strategy and fund selection. If you're not already a customer, arrange a meeting with an adviser or call your local branch.

About Danske Invest
Founded in 1928, Danske Invest is Denmark's oldest unit trust. Owned by its 220,000 unit holders, the group has strong ties to Danske Bank, which serves as its custodian and market maker.

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