International Private clients
International Private clients

If you are moving to Denmark from another country, you will probably need to open a bank account here and use other local banking services. At Danske Bank, we have a department dedicated to addressing the needs of people like you: International Private Clients.

International Private Clients can advice you in areas such as:

  • Setting up an account structure and eBanking
  • Which payment options are useful in Denmark
  • Buying real estate
  • Savings and investment
  • Pension and life insurance
  • Insurance
  • Daily personal economy

Our Account Managers specialize in the financial issues entailed in moving to and from Denmark. We know how important it is to be well prepared when you are moving to another country and understand the complex issues of being an international client.

Danske Bank Group also offers international private banking services in Luxembourg and retail banking services in Sweden, Norway, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Signing up for a new job in Denmark?
On the basis of international experience and our knowledge of the financial market, we have created a program especially for people who are posted to Denmark: Expat service, which is offered through International Private Clients in Copenhagen.

Danske Bank expat service ensures you a professional and effective setup focused on your situation. Among other issues our advice revolves around:

  • Setting up accounts for you and your family
  • Transferring funds to your current accounts abroad
  • Using eBanking
  • Personal insurance
  • How to lease a car
  • Buying real estate in Denmark

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