Opening an accountOpening an account

To open an account with us, you must send following materials:

  1. A completed, signed, and verified Customer information (Consumer) form (PDF 46 KB). The form must be verified by a financial institution, embassy, consulate, notary public or attorney.
  2. A verified copy of your passport. The passport must be verified by a financial institution, embassy, consulate, notary public or solicitor. 
  3. A verified copy of the admission letter from the Danish educational institution at which your are planning to study. 
  4. A declaration confirming your tax status from the authorities in the country where you are liable for tax. 
  5. A document showing your social security number or another identification number you use for tax purposes in the country where you are liable for tax.


Establishment fee: DKK 1000.

Fee for extraordinary confirmation of receipt of funds or account statement requested: DKK 200 per confirmation or statement.

For additional work, we charge an hourly rate of DKK 1000.

Please note that the fees are payable in addition to any amounts requested by the authorities. Also note that we accept deposits made by wire transfers only.

Send the material to this address:

Danske Bank
4018 Foreign Student Service
Holmens Kanal 2-12
DK-1092 Copenhagen K

Please note that e-mail and faxed transmissions cannot be accepted as sufficient documentation for opening the account.

We will respond to your request within two weeks of receiving these documents.

For information about the basic rules of agreements between you and Danske Bank, please see the General Conditions for Consumers (PDF 138 KB). ​​​

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Contact Student Service
Danske Bank
Tel.: +45 70 10 26 59


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